Understanding Glaucoma through Routine Eye Care

Glaucoma is an eye condition that can severely damage your vision if not detected at its early stages. This condition is caused by an increase pressure in the eye, resulting in optic nerve damage. Routine eye exams allows our eye doctor at Spex Eye Care in Seattle to inspect your eyes closer and administer treatment. Here is more information about how routine eye exams can help diagnose glaucoma and how to treat it.

Understanding Glaucoma through Routine Eye Care

Elevated Eye Pressure and Glaucoma

In the early stages, glaucoma doesn't produce any symptoms that you would notice. As the condition progresses, you may experience severe eye pain, halos around lights, headaches, and redness in the eye. Routine eye exams are vital because our optometrist can check the pressure within your eyes as well as look for damage in the optic nerve. If our doctor found an indication of glaucoma, it can be treat right away.

Treatment for Glaucoma

Treatment for glaucoma begins with trying to get the pressure down within your eyes. Our optometrist will prescribe you with medication in the form of eye drops to try and reduce the pressure. You may need to see our eye doctor frequently to get your eye pressure tested. If eye drops work, you will need to take them consistently to keep your eye pressure under control. If medication doesn't work, our optometrist may suggest surgical intervention.

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