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Many people have heard of people needing eyeglasses to improve their vision and help them see things that are quite far away, but did you know that some people need eyeglasses and other eye care to help them see objects from up close? This is a condition known as hyperopia, and it is a common condition affecting Americans. If you or someone you know has hyperopia, then it may be important to visit an eye doctor for help.


At SPEX Seattle serving Seattle, WA, our optometrist on our optometry team is here to help community members of the Seattle area find the best eye care possible. From hyperopia to other issues, we can help provide a wide range of treatment options to help you improve your eyesight, and consequently improve your quality of life, and get you the care you need. If you want more information about ways we can treat hyperopia and what to look for in this vision disorder, then read on below. Our eye doctor is here to provide eye care for your hyperopia.

What Is Hyperopia? 

Hyperopia is a condition that is like myopia, known as nearsightedness. Instead, hyperopia is the inverse, and is also known as farsightedness. People with hyperopia cannot see things up close and need help to improve their vision to do activity such as read, watch tv, or use their computers or tablets up close.

Hyperopia is a condition that can affect anyone at any age, and it can be difficult to live with without the proper tools to help improve your eyesight. There are ways to effectively manage hyperopia symptoms with help from our optometrist.

How Can an Optometrist Treat Hyperopia?

Our optometrist on our optometry team can conduct an eye exam to help determine if your vision issues are due to hyperopia or something else. Hyperopia can lead to issues like blurry vision, headaches, and eye strain. Our eye doctor can provide treatment for hyperopia to help fix your eyesight. This can include using eyeglasses, contact lenses, or even recommending LASIK surgery to correct the lens of the eye, which is making it difficult to see things up close.

Get Eye Care for Hyperopia from Our Eye Doctor on Our Optometry Team

Call us at SPEX Seattle serving Seattle, WA, to get the eye care you need. Our eye doctor is here to provide treatment for your farsightedness with eyeglasses, contacts, and more. Call us at (206) 682-9515. 

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