Myopia Treatment

Myopia or nearsightedness is a common condition that impacts how you view the world. You can see things that are in front of your face, but you don’t get the full visual comprehension of things in the distance. It can even impair your ability to drive safely. Although it is an intrusive and frustrating condition, it can be treated at Spex Seattle with our eye care specialist, Dr. Campbell.

Myopia Treatment

What Causes Myopia?

The eyes can be as unique as fingerprints and this uniqueness determines how light refracts to help you see. With normal eyes, the light can enter as it should and lands on the retina. With myopic eyes, any distant light stops in front of the retina, which leads to blurry vision.

Most people with this condition are diagnosed with it during a pediatric appointment. This is because the symptoms typically present themselves when children have a hard time seeing the board in school. If it is addressed at this time, it can typically be corrected with glasses. That is why it is important to take your children to every pediatric eye exam to find and address any vision issues early.

How To Know If You or Your Child Has Myopia

It is always easier to determine if you have vision problems because you notice differences in how you see things. If you notice that you cannot see the TV across the room clearly, struggle to see road signs while you are driving, or perhaps you cannot see any definition in the horizon, there is a good chance that you have myopia.

What about your children, though? Most children don’t realize that they can’t see well, and they typically don’t know how to communicate any issues they notice. You can help them, though, by watching for certain signs. For instance, if you notice that they do well with their homework but not their classwork, it may be due to vision trouble. Also, take note of any eye rubbing, headaches, or habits of sitting too close to the TV or computer.

How Can Myopia Be Treated?

Myopia can be treated with the help of your eye doctor, even if it is not addressed as a child. Corrective lenses typically work for children and those who are still young. However, adults may need other forms of treatment, such as LASIK or PRK surgery.

Mild forms of the condition can often be treated with temporary corneal refractive lenses, which are contacts you wear to bed that can reshape the cornea. Vision therapy – which is basically a workout for the eyes – can often help, too. Our team at Spex Seattle will work with you to determine the best course of treatment for you or your child’s nearsightedness.

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