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Pediatric Eyecare

Pediatric eye care is important for your child's overall health. Most of the time children do not know they are not seeing clearly. Vision problems tend to delay learning for children which makes it important to catch any vision difficulties early. SPEX Eye Care in Seattle offers a wide variety of services and one of those services includes eye exams for children. You can trust that our optometry experts will provide your child with comprehensive pediatric eye care.


Pediatric Eye Care Exams

Children should see an eye doctor regularly throughout their developmental years. At SPEX Eye Care, we tailor all of our eye exams to your child's age and medical history, as we create a plan specific to your child.

It is important to have your infant examined by an optometrist by 6 months so that we can ensure that your baby has developed the ability to focus, see color, and has appropriate depth perception. With the use of objects, lights, and moving cards, we can track your child's vision.

Around the age of 3, your child should have an eye exam that tests for some common vision problems. Our tests ensure that your child sees clearly and that both eyes are working together. Even if your child is not able to read letters, we can use the latest technology and pictures to ensure their eyes are functioning properly.

When children begin kindergarten or first grade, they should have another optometry exam. If there are no known issues, an eye exam every two years is best. However, if your child wears glasses or has some eye health problems, annual visits are recommended.

Childhood Eye Conditions

Some common problems that eye doctors often see in children are:

Amblyopia (lazy eye): This means one eye is weaker than the other. We use glasses, contacts, and sometimes a patch over the stronger eye to help improve the vision in the weaker eye. 

Strabismus (cross-eye): This is when the eyes are misaligned. We typically use glasses and eye exercises for this condition, but sometimes surgery for the eye muscles is needed. 

Myopia or Hyperopia: This is difficulty focusing on objects that are far away or on objects that are up close. Usually, glasses help with this common vision problem.

Why Choose SPEX Eye Care in Seattle?

We believe an early diagnosis by our optometrist is best to treat many common pediatric vision problems. SPEX Eye Care provides a plan that fits the needs and age of your child. Contact our Seattle office today to schedule an appointment to ensure that your child receives the best eye care.

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