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In today's hectic world, we understand that you are flooded with online content, making it difficult to find trustworthy and valuable resources. At SPEX, we want to make it as easy as possible to find what you need, especially when it comes to the choices you make for your visual health. We urge you to read our reviews and get to know who we are. Dr. Scott Campbell and his team can't wait to meet you!

Reviews for Optical Center Services Near Seattle, WA

5.0 Review from J.C. Source: Demandforce Nov 15 2020

"Best eye doctor in Seattle. The staff is great and they have the greatest glasses."

5.0 Review from A. Source: Demandforce Jan 08 2019

"SPEX! My favorite!Ones eye are the window they say to your soul... if that is true, then one wants an expert practitioner looking at those eyes and making sure they remain in the best of health!One wants to make sure that the beauty within is allowed to shine through! AND that ones eyes can take in all the beauty that hopefully surrounds you!If you ever wanted a place that you could be confident about your care- THIS MY FRIENDS IS SPEX!This is my second year that I have gone to the fantastic Dr. Campbell and his equally fantastic staff!Thorough, knowledgeable, service oriented, patient and kind. I've never seen so well, laughed so hard and smiled in such delight- during and upon leaving an eye doctor boot-), I ran into an old associate while there. Life is good! How do I know? Cause I can see it clearly now :). By the way I am fitted for both and good to go w/ contacts and glasses,,, HOORAY!Thanks Dr. Campbell and staff! #HAPPYliveshere~LSP"

5.0 Review from A. Source: Demandforce May 10 2018

"Where can you find the BEST DOCTOR & AMAZING STAFF in One Place??? I am a Seattle patient and I know Dr C has another Eastside Location equally awesome). Let’s just say , I have been a Patient for many years and the atmosphere is upbeat, fun, and inviting! Plus, I feel great knowing that Dr C is thorough and the most comprehensive eye care you will experience anywhere, The Frame Selection is fabulous and I am constantly complImented ... even on the street I am stopped and asked Where I got my Frames! I am anxious to pick up my two new pair ordered. They knew exactly what works on me and I did not have to work at anything. The lenses will be spot on! Every time! So, go where I go and all my friends and family. Perfect Glasses and Contacts and Fun Atmosphere!"

5.0 Review from B.G. Source: Demandforce Jun 05 2017

"It is fun to go there. They are always nice to kids, Dr. Campbell always remebers stuff about me, and listens to what I say. I got my first pair of glasses there, and they are so pretty, the best. I love trying on the glasses there. They have cool and interesting styles and fit really well."

5.0 Review from J.L. Source: Demandforce Sep 23 2016

"I've been taking my eyeballs to Dr. Scott Campbell for many years and he never fails to impress me with his knowledge and thorough exams. He's the best Optometrist I've ever been to and I cannot recommend him highly enough. As for the rest of the Spex staff, I feel the same about them. Every employee is personable, positive, and helpful. And their section of frames is wonderful. I always find 4-5 pairs that I love and struggle to pick just one. The staff is honest with their feedback on the frames and I've never been disappointed. I have people stop me on the street to complement my eyeglasses and I always refer them to Spex. When so many places don't see to care about their customers, Spex proves otherwise. Customer service is their focus."

5.0 Review from S.H. Source: Demandforce Dec 08 2015

"I cannot say enough good things about this place or Dr. Campbell. I've been going to him for years and he's just the best. The front desk is kind, attentive, and helpful. They have a great selection of designer frames - pricey but beautiful!As far as the visit is concerned, it's very rare to find a practitioner who truly listens to you and cares about what you have to say. And you can tell he absolutely loves his job. I walk out of there feeling amazed at the capability of the eye and all the things it reveals about your health, bc Dr. Campbell is so knowledgeable. Every time I go in, he first thanks me for allowing him to work for me, say whaaaaaa!? That's customer service! My daughter (4yr) had her first eye exam today and he made her laugh and feel so comfortable. He's got daughters of his own, so you can tell he likes kids. My husband and infant son were waiting downstairs, and my son was crying a lot and I apologized. Dr. Campbell said not to worry and everyone is welcome there. So yeah, you get the gist - I love this place! Not a more knowledgeable, personable, or genuine eye doctor in Seattle!"

4.0 Review from N.O. Source: Demandforce Jun 18 2015

"Grest visit for my actual appt. No complaints there. Very attentive and informative Dr and staff. However, when I went back to pick up my prescription for my glasses there were 3 people at the front desk, seemingly performing one task and I didn't even get a hello. The pregnant woman was on the phone, but the 2 younger girls just looked up and saw that I was standing there and didn't even smile. I would of been okay with just a, "hello, it will be just a minute". Simple. Luckily, another woman recognized me and got my prescription for me without me even asking. Which was great. I'll be back."
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