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In today's hectic world, we understand that you are flooded with online content, making it difficult to find trustworthy and valuable resources. At SPEX, we want to make it as easy as possible to find what you need, especially when it comes to the choices you make for your visual health. We urge you to read our reviews and get to know who we are. Dr. Scott Campbell and his team can't wait to meet you!

Reviews for Seattle, WA Optometrist Dr. Scott Campbell Eye Health Services

5.0 Review from A.H. Source: Google Mar 10 2023

"I have been seeing Dr. Cambell for over 20 years! He is professional and friendly and makes eye exams easy and fun! I would highly recommend him for any of your optometry needs!"

5.0 Review from A.T. Source: Google Feb 26 2023

"Best eye care specialist in Seattle! I called to get my crooked eyeglasses fixed on the same day, and they were able to fit me into their schedule very easily. My glasses were not purchased at Spex, but they still fixed my glasses free of charge! The two women who helped me were the sweetest and kindest employees! I will definitely be getting my next eye exam done at Spex."

5.0 Review from J.S. Source: Google Dec 15 2022

"Dr. Campbell and his team are first-rate in every way! My wife deals with iritis frequently due to her ankilosing spondylitis and he always gets things under control quickly, and is available by phone whenever she needs. I recently went in for an eye exam and he got me dialed in for a pair of progressive lenses. Can't recommend him enough!!"

5.0 Review from A.T. Source: Demandforce Nov 17 2022

"Quick easy eye exam. Clear explanation, super nice glass frame selections."

5.0 Review from P.T. Source: Google Aug 27 2022

"The optometrist has (innovative) excellent communication skills. I felt really confident with his advice and prescription. The two staff members made for a comfortable, memorable experience and I will definitely return for my next eye exam."

5.0 Review from D.N. Source: Google Jul 05 2022

"Great experience at Spex...friendly, professional service...recommend eye exam and/or eyeglass purchase without hesitation."

5.0 Review from I.F. Source: Google Jun 15 2022

"Dr. Campbell was warm, inviting and friendly. Dr. Campbell was also thorough in his eye exam and had demonstrated his knowledge from his years of practicing in medicine. His staff were also friendly and upfront with getting my insurance setup, upfront costs etc. I would highly recommend Dr. Campbell for your eye health needs. Thanks again to all."

5.0 Review from C.B. Source: Google Jan 14 2022

"Scheduled a visit because of an eye infection. Doctor was very thorough and knowledgeable. Quick diagnosis and reasonable treatment plan. Warm and welcoming staff. Thank you for the great service."

5.0 Review from H.K. Source: Google Mar 14 2021

"I’m based in Atlanta and SPEX graciously rescued me when my rigid gas permeable contact lenses went down a sink drain, while traveling. Anna was my point of contact at the office and she enthusiastically assisted me with obtaining an emergency set of soft lenses (with exact script from my optometrist). Saved me from having to purchase a 6 month supply and full eye exam, which speaks to the team’s goal to provide excellent patient care vs. profit-motivated service. THANK YOU! NOTE: They are enforcing social distancing/limiting the number of people in the store, taking temperatures, and are masking. Kudos for your efforts."

5.0 Review from J.M. Source: Google Mar 14 2021

"This is the first time I've had fun at an optometrist appointment. I played a light video game thing to test for glaucoma, got a cool scan of my eyeball showing the nerves and retinal attachment, and another scan to check eye-related brain tissue. Dr. Campbell explained every procedure and result and seemed excited that I had questions, unlike some other places I've been too that seem to be trying to push patients through as fast as possible. Dr. Campbell also used the minimum necessary amount of eye dilation liquid, so I was able to go right back to computer work without needing sunglasses inside. Overall, best optometrist experience I've had in 16 years of having glasses. Go here."

5.0 Review from C.C. Source: Google Mar 14 2021

"Amazing! Beat eye exam I have ever had. The doctor is incredibly kind and knowledgeable. He listened to me and found a solution that works for my eyes. Very happy and pleased. 100% recommended!"

5.0 Review from B.H. Source: Google Mar 14 2020

"Dr. Campbell is highly informative regarding eyesight and health, and overall body health and life wellness. His recommendations are medically sound and does not push a prescription just to make a sale. Additionally, the team at SPEX are incredibly helpful in all matters, including providing exception style options and varying pricepoints for eyewear. Highly recommend SPEX to anyone in need of an eye exam."

5.0 Review from B.L. Source: Google Mar 14 2020

"Everyone working here was so friendly! Dr. Scott Campbell was very informative and walked me through the eye exam like a pro. Highly recommend!"

5.0 Review from J.B. Source: Google Mar 14 2019

"The staff here is so friendly and wonderful! Dr Campbell was excellent, I felt like the eye exam was very thorough and I appreciated that he does the exam himself. I did not have to wait at all."

5.0 Review from K.M. Source: Google Mar 14 2019

"Dr. Scott Campbell and his team are great! The eye exam process was very thorough and comprehensive. Dr. Campbell took time to explain the entire process and made me feel very comfortable. The team were extraordinary in helping me to select stylish frames to compliment my facial features. They always know my name when I walk in the door and treat me like family. Dr. Campbell was exceptional at selecting lenses that would work for my challenging needs ... including motion sickness with head movement. The entire experience exceeded my expectations. SPEX is easy to find, parking was convenient and the hours were very flexible to fit my busy schedule. Dr. Campbell has also seen all three of my kids and was very good with my children. His bedside manner is excellent. Highly recommend."

5.0 Review from A. Source: Demandforce May 10 2018

"Where can you find the BEST DOCTOR & AMAZING STAFF in One Place??? I am a Seattle patient and I know Dr C has another Eastside Location equally awesome). Let’s just say , I have been a Patient for many years and the atmosphere is upbeat, fun, and inviting! Plus, I feel great knowing that Dr C is thorough and the most comprehensive eye care you will experience anywhere, The Frame Selection is fabulous and I am constantly complImented ... even on the street I am stopped and asked Where I got my Frames! I am anxious to pick up my two new pair ordered. They knew exactly what works on me and I did not have to work at anything. The lenses will be spot on! Every time! So, go where I go and all my friends and family. Perfect Glasses and Contacts and Fun Atmosphere!"

5.0 Review from L.H. Source: Demandforce Mar 29 2018

"Dr. Campbell is REALLY the best!!!! He always takes time with you explaining everything along the way. You get a complete eye exam with all the most updated equipment. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The whole staff are just top notch. The best care I’ve ever gotten for all my eye care needs."

5.0 Review from J.F. Source: Google Mar 14 2018

"I've been looking for a good place to get an eye exam and SPEX is wonderful! Dr. Campbell is so pleasant and caring and the staff is extremely helpful and warm. Totally worth driving downtown for!"

5.0 Review from P.C. Source: Demandforce Aug 20 2017

"The best eye exam period"

5.0 Review from M.R. Source: Demandforce Jul 25 2016

"Spex is the best! Dr. Campbell and his staff have taken really great care of our families eye needs for several years. We have confidence in Dr. Campbell and would not go anywhere else for our eye exams. The eyeglass frames are unusual and I get compliments on the ones I bought at Spex regularly. Mem and Tom"

5.0 Review from S.H. Source: Demandforce Dec 08 2015

"I cannot say enough good things about this place or Dr. Campbell. I've been going to him for years and he's just the best. The front desk is kind, attentive, and helpful. They have a great selection of designer frames - pricey but beautiful!As far as the visit is concerned, it's very rare to find a practitioner who truly listens to you and cares about what you have to say. And you can tell he absolutely loves his job. I walk out of there feeling amazed at the capability of the eye and all the things it reveals about your health, bc Dr. Campbell is so knowledgeable. Every time I go in, he first thanks me for allowing him to work for me, say whaaaaaa!? That's customer service! My daughter (4yr) had her first eye exam today and he made her laugh and feel so comfortable. He's got daughters of his own, so you can tell he likes kids. My husband and infant son were waiting downstairs, and my son was crying a lot and I apologized. Dr. Campbell said not to worry and everyone is welcome there. So yeah, you get the gist - I love this place! Not a more knowledgeable, personable, or genuine eye doctor in Seattle!"

5.0 Review from M.W. Source: Yelp Sep 16 2014

"I have been a patient of Dr. Campbell’s for over 6 years.  He is an excellent optometrist and has given me wonderful care.  I feel very comfortable during my eye exam and Dr. Campbell is careful to explain each procedure.  After my last exam my eye site changed within five months.  Dr. Campbell re-examined my eyes and prescribed updated lenses at no charge to me.  That is superior customer service and client care."

5.0 Review from M.S. Source: Facebook Apr 27 2014

"I've been following Rebecca around for years, and finally made it in to see Dr. Campbell for an exam at SPEX. Great contemporary concept, fun space, excellent staff, and a very thorough eye exam. I cringe to say that I actually had "fun" at my appointment - Dr. Campbell and Rebecca are awesome. When's the last time you had fun going to the eye doctor?"

5.0 Review from M.S. Source: Facebook Apr 27 2014

"I've been following Rebecca around for years, and finally made it in to see Dr. Campbell for an exam at SPEX. Great contemporary concept, fun space, excellent staff, and a very thorough eye exam. I cringe to say that I actually had "fun" at my appointment - Dr. Campbell and Rebecca are awesome. When's the last time you had fun going to the eye doctor?"

5.0 Review from C.P. Source: Yelp Apr 25 2013

"Dr. Campbell gave me the most thorough eye exam I’ve ever had.  Three years after our first meeting I still rave about him.  Unlike other OD’s I’ve encountered in other cities, Dr. Campbell loves what he does and knows it better than everyone else."

5.0 Review from D.W. Source: Yelp Aug 02 2007

"Scott Campbell has a lot of great equipment to do a thorough eye exam. He is very willing to show you what’s going on and explain what he’s seeing about your sight. I felt like my exam was very thorough and he was reputable. Spex also has a hair salon that does a great job with stylish cuts. Weird, true, but since both are very good, it’s an observation and not a complaint! The eye glasses selection seemed alright, but I always love going to Market Optical for their contemporary selections."
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