Contact Lenses vs Traditional Glasses

Eye health is a priority to help preserve your vision or treat any current issues that are present. Routine eye care can help detect problems and preserve your vision. SPEX Eye Care is a top optometry clinic in Seattle WA providing a wide range of products and services from a highly-skilled optometrist. If you have vision issues, we can diagnose the problem and even offer solutions that fit your current needs.


Differences Between Contact Lenses and Traditional Glasses

Both traditional glasses and contact lenses have their pros and cons. When it comes to glasses, they can offer several benefits for people who have underlying eye issues such as dry or sensitive eyes. Glasses don't irritate the eyes or create an environment where irritation is likely to develop. Additionally, they can even protect the eyes from irritants and pollutants in the air. On the other hand, they can be bulky and even fog up unexpectedly in certain conditions, which can temporarily inhibit vision. They can also visibly change a person's appearance, including magnifying the eyes.

Contact lenses are a great option for those who have issues like myopia or keratoconus. The contact lenses can shape the eye and provide corrections that traditional eyeglasses cannot. Another great benefit of contact lenses is that they provide a more comprehensive field of vision for the wearer, unlike glasses. They also don't change the person's physical appearance and come in a range of colors. Some issues that can occur with contact lenses include a lack of oxygen to the eyes, the possibility of irritation, and difficulty with insertion. It is important to discuss these pros and cons with our eye doctor to determine which of these options is right for your needs.

Vision Correction in Seattle

The final choice between glasses or contacts is up to you. Both options come with their pros and cons. No matter which choice you make, our eye care professionals at SPEX Eye Care can provide the latest products and services to help enhance and preserve your vision over time. Whether you want to schedule a routine exam with an eye doctor or address a sudden issue that needs attention, we have you covered. In addition, we have the latest brands and styles of glasses to help make seeing and looking your best convenient and easy. You can also order contact lenses from our office or schedule an appointment for any optometry needs. Call us today at (206) 682-9515.

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