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Presbyopia is a natural part of getting older. Around the age of 40, vision gradually starts to blur. This vision impairment is called presbyopia, and it reduces the ability to see things that are at less than arm's distance. As we age, the lenses in our eyes become less flexible. Even people who have enjoyed perfect eyesight their entire lives start to realize that they need to place items at arm's distance to read them. Many also notice headaches or aching eyes from activities that never gave them issues before. At his practice in Seattle, WA, Dr. Scott Campbell can talk to you about several options to enhance your vision if you are experiencing age-associated vision problems. If you suspect that you are developing presbyopia, schedule a visit to SPEX — we want to help you achieve your clearest vision.

Using specially designed vision tests, we can determine the most effective course of action for your particular degree of presbyopia. Most patients correct age-related vision impairment with corrective eyeglasses or contacts made with either bifocal or progressive lenses. Bifocals are built with two sections of the lens — one that makes it easier to see things close up and one that makes it easier to see things far away. Progressive lenses function similarly, but they are designed with a gradient rather than a distinct line between sections of the lens. There are also some surgical treatments that can potentially be effective in diminishing presbyopia, including laser surgery. Dr. Campbell is happy to navigate you toward your ideal form of vision management.

Dr. Campbell is THE BEST. The staff squeezed me in to his busy schedule for an irritating eye issue. I was in and out in 10 minutes, he determined exactly what was going on, and had a quick solution!!! Did I mention THE BEST!!!

J.O. Google

Dr. Campbell and his team are phenomenal. They are all so thoughtful, respectful, knowledgeable, and kind. Each visit is pleasant and efficient. I would highly recommend going to Spex. Additionally, they have a wide array of fashionable and interesting glasses frames to choose from.

K.M. Google

While visiting Seattle from Houston, the screw came out of the arm of my glasses. The lovely ladies at Spex were able to fix my glasses better than before with a locktite screw. I am so thankful to be able to use my glasses! Thank you so very much!

C.M. Google

The optometrist has (innovative) excellent communication skills. I felt really confident with his advice and prescription. The two staff members made for a comfortable, memorable experience and I will definitely return for my next eye exam.

P.T. Google

Dr. Scott Campbell is the best! Our family has been seeing him for many years and my husband and I have moved to 2 different locations that put us 5+ hours and 1.5 hours from his office. We still keep him as our eye doctor. His office is immaculate, his staff is very friendly, caring and helpful, and Scott is up on the latest new eye conventions. He does refer patients to other specialties when needed. Our experience is that he is always on time so no unnecessary waiting for your appointment. His office is in the middle of the downtown core, 1 block from Nordstrom. I never hesitate to recommend Dr. Scott Campbell at Spex!

S.C. Google


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Blurriness with close-up vision, particularly in people over 40 years old, is usually always presbyopia. Presbyopia is a common, age-related condition. It is easily manageable with the right glasses or contacts. At SPEX, our experienced team of eye care professionals can help you ditch the problems that come with age-related vision loss. Call us today at our Seattle, WA practice to schedule your eye exam.

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