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Seasonal allergies are extremely common among adults and children and can cause uncomfortable symptoms. Sneezing, sniffling, and stuffy noses are some of the most well-known symptoms, along with red, teary, irritated, swollen eyes. When your allergies affect your eyes, it is called allergic conjunctivitis, often referred to as ocular or eye allergies. Ocular allergies are extremely common and will affect most patients with seasonal allergies. The symptoms caused by eye allergies can present as slight to extreme, but they almost always have simple treatments. At his practice in Seattle, WA, Dr. Scott Campbell offers the most effective eye allergy treatments to reduce your irritation. Contact us at SPEX to hear more.


Besides sneezing, congestion, and a stuffy nose, most people with seasonal allergies also deal with discomfort in their eyes. The most common symptoms of eye allergies are watery, itchy, and red eyes. For many patients, the symptoms of eye allergies also occur with the eyelids, causing them to become itchy, puffy, and red, too. These issues often create an extreme need to rub or scratch the eyes, but rubbing and scratching will just make the symptoms more intense. Adults and children whose eye allergies are severe may experience burning sensations, sore eyes, and, occasionally, even sensitivity to light.

While eye allergies are mostly not concerning, their symptoms sometimes mirror other types of conditions. Dr. Campbell will need to do a thorough eye evaluation to rule out anything serious before diagnosing you with allergies. He will also review your medical history, as well as your existing symptoms, in order to establish whether a more serious condition could be developing. Depending on your history, Dr. Campbell may tell you to go to an allergist so that they can find the exact allergens that could be causing your reactions.

In most cases, there aren’t any unusual causes for ocular allergies. Your eyes are simply reacting to the same allergens that cause your other allergic reactions, like sneezing or a stuffy nose. Usually, people with ocular allergies are responding to different types of pollen, fungus, dust mites, pet dander, or other familiar airborne allergens. Often, patients can also experience eye allergies to substances, like perfumes, cigarettes, and makeup. Many allergens are often present on the hands, which is why rubbing the eyes often increases the inflammation.

The surest way to prevent eye allergies is to limit your exposure to the allergen, though this isn't usually possible. Individuals who use contacts and suffer from eye allergies can ease their discomfort by trying daily contacts, as airborne allergens can build up on longer-wear lenses. In addition, a lot of nonprescription eye drops exist that are meant to decrease inflammation and itching, but usually, they offer little to no relief. Patients who have not experienced relief with nonprescription eye drops may need prescription eye drops or they may have developed an infection rather than allergies.

Dr. Campbell is magnificent. His office is filled with the most cutting edge technology. He does the most thorough and wholistic diagnostic examination. I’ve been going for 29 years! That’s how good he is.

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I’ve been going to Spex and Dr. Campbell for almost 25 years. He also takes care of my wife and my kids. If you’re thinking about a new eye, do yourself a favor and go to Spex and see Dr.Campbell and his staff. You’ll thank me later!!!!

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If I could give 6 stars, I would. Everything about this practice is top notch. The staff and Dr Campbell are super friendly, highly professional, and go out of their way to listen and give expert care accordingly. Their selection of frames is wonderful as well. Love the new office - really beautifully designed!

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Oh, Dr. Campbell... you took such amazing care of me. You did everything, so I was so confident in my eye care. You broke the mold.... I guess I'll just have to fly across the country for my care!!! #noonecomesclose

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Everything about my experience was top-notch. The new location is excellent and easy to reach by public transportation. The staff are not only kind, but clearly expert professionals. Dr. Campbell has a gift for narrating his actions, allowing his patients clarity about what he is seeing in the various scans. He then provides options for treatment. Highly recommended.

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Eye allergies, also known as allergic conjunctivitis, are caused by the same allergens that trigger other allergic reactions, such as pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and mold. These allergens can lead to symptoms like red, itchy, watery, and swollen eyes. Additionally, irritants like perfumes, cigarette smoke, and makeup can also trigger eye allergies. Dr. Scott Campbell offers effective treatments to alleviate the discomfort associated with eye allergies and help patients manage their symptoms.

Eye allergies are unpleasant and disruptive, but there are many viable treatment options. Dr. Scott Campbell treats Seattle, WA patients on a one-on-one basis to ensure they receive the most effective care. We invite you to visit SPEX if you are experiencing eye allergies.

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What causes eye allergies?
Some Seattle residents are unaware they have eye allergies until they experience irritation or inflammation of the eye. Typically, eye allergies are caused by airborne allergens such as pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and mold. Other possible causes include chemicals or substances like perfume, makeup, and cigarette smoke. Rubbing the eyes often increases irritation.
Is there a cure for eye allergies?
There is no surefire cure for eye allergies, but they can be managed with over-the-counter and prescription medication. Dr. Campbell offers various treatments to reduce the severity of your symptoms while attempting to limit your exposure to allergens. We understand the discomfort eye allergies can cause, and our top priority is to provide real relief that lasts.
How do daily contact lenses help?
Daily contact lenses allow those with eye allergies to avoid the buildup of allergens on their lenses, which can make symptoms worse. Daily contacts are convenient, disposable, and can be replaced every day to keep your eyes as healthy as possible. Our team members at SPEX can suggest the best contact lens option for your needs and goals.
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