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The Treatment of Eye Allergies from the Team at SPEX Seattle

It is important for everyone to make sure they visit the eye doctor at least once per year for an annual exam. At the same time, we also understand that acute concerns might arise in-between visits. At SPEX Seattle, we are here to make sure that everyone has access to an optometrist who can provide appropriate eye care. One of the most common optometry concerns that we see in our office is eye allergies. There are a few points that everyone should keep in mind regarding the development of eye allergies.


The Symptoms of Eye Allergies

Eye allergies develop because the body is reacting to antigens that are present in the external environment. Some of the most common culprits include dust, mites, pet dander, and pollen. When the body reacts to these issues, this can lead to a variety of symptoms. They include redness, swelling, watering eyes, blurry vision, and even sniffling. These are some of the most common examples of the impacts that eye allergies can cause.

These symptoms develop due to something called a histamine reaction. Histamine is a molecule in the body that triggers a lot of the inflammatory issues related to eye allergies. There are a few treatment options that we can offer at SPEX Seattle.

How Are Eye Allergies Treated?

At SPEX Seattle, we try to address eye allergies from a comprehensive perspective. That is because we know the serious issues they can cause. First, many people are concerned that they have an eye infection. If there is a fever present, this is more likely to be an eye infection. If not, the culprit is probably eye allergies.

We will come up with a comprehensive treatment plan. First, we will try to figure out what is causing the eye allergies. People should avoid these causes, if possible. Then, we also have ocular eye drops that we can use to help patients with eye allergies. Finally, there are also oral medications that we can use to help people treat their allergies as well. Our goal is to use a comprehensive treatment plan to address eye allergies.

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