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Eye Care with Our Optometrist in Downtown Seattle

Your eyes and ability to see play an important role in everyday life. That’s why it’s essential to take good care of them. At SPEX Eye Care, our optometrist in downtown Seattle offers a wide range of eye care services. These services are designed to keep your eyes and vision in optimal condition.

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Eye Exam and Vision Test

Routine eye exams and vision tests allow our optometrists to determine if you have any diseases or conditions that require treatment. During an eye exam and vision test, we will check the physical structures in your eyes for signs of potential eye problems and perform tests to determine how well you are able to see. If you have farsightedness, nearsightedness or other conditions that affect your vision, we can help you select corrective lenses.

Contact Lens Exam in Seattle

If you prefer wearing contact lenses instead of eyeglasses to correct your vision, it’s important to have a contact lens exam. Our optometry team in Seattle offer contact lens exams that are used to determine the prescription you need and the type of lenses that would work best for you. During these exams, you will also try your new contact lenses out to ensure that they fit comfortably on your eye.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eyes can make it very difficult to go about your regular activities due to the discomfort they cause. You might have trouble driving, reading and doing other tasks and activities with ease. At SPEX Eye Care, we offer eye drops and other treatment options for dry eye in order to improve this condition and provide your eyes with greater comfort.

Pink Eye Treatment

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is a contagious eye condition that causes discharge, redness and other symptoms. If you have pink eye, we will determine the cause, such as a virus or bacteria. Viral cases generally improve on their own, but there are treatments to help ease the symptoms they cause. Bacterial cases require treatment in order to clear up this infection and prevent it from damaging your vision.

LASIK in Seattle

If you are tired of wearing corrective lenses, undergoing LASIK in Seattle can help improve your vision. Our optometrist can help you decide if this type of laser surgery is right for your eyes, depending on certain factors, such as the cause of your vision problems.

Pediatric Eye Care

Our optometrists provide pediatric eye care services to ensure that children have healthy eyes and vision. Leaving vision and eye problems untreated can affect their school performance and quality of life. Having regular pediatric eye care helps keep their eyes and vision in excellent condition.

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If you need an eye exam or other eye care in Seattle, please contact our optometrist to make an appointment. Our optometry team will help you maintain healthy vision and eyes.

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