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Eye Disease Treatment from Our Optometrist in Downtown Seattle

Protecting your eyes from disease helps lower your risk of suffering permanent vision loss or other vision problems. At Spex Seattle, we offer diagnostic services and treatments for several eye diseases. Our optometrist in downtown Seattle fully evaluates your eyes and vision to check for early warning signs of eye diseases that could affect your vision.

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Common Eye Diseases in Seattle

Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common types of eye diseases. This condition occurs when your tears have a poor quality or when they are unable to drain from your eyes properly. Dry eye can cause considerable discomfort, such as a feeling as though you have grit in your eye. Other symptoms include redness and watery eyes. Having dry eye treated helps ensure that you are able to go about your regular activities without having significant discomfort or trouble seeing. Our optometrist will discuss treatment options with you, such as artificial tears or tear duct procedures.

Pink Eye

Pink eye occurs when a virus or bacteria causes inflammation in the affected eye. Signs of pink eye typically include redness, discharge, itchiness or pain. Viral causes of pink eye usually need to run their course, but bacterial cases need antibiotics as a treatment to prevent vision problems. Since pink eye can also be contagious, it is important to come in for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible if you have any symptoms of this condition.


Glaucoma can lead to permanent vision loss, so it is important to have it diagnosed as early as possible. However, this eye disease usually does not show any noticeable symptoms early on. Undergoing glaucoma tests to check for this condition, which typically occurs due to problems with pressure in your eye, is the most effective way to detect it. Our optometrist will discuss glaucoma treatment options with you if you are diagnosed with this condition.


Cataracts occur when the lenses in your eyes become cloudy over time. If they become severe enough to interfere with your vision, our optometrist might recommend having them surgically removed. For mild cases, you might need to take steps to help you see more clearly. Our optometrist will provide you with suggestions on how to improve your vision when you have cataracts.

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If you have any symptoms of eye diseases or if you are at risk of having one of these conditions, contact our optometrist in Seattle to schedule an appointment. At SPEX Seattle, our optometrist will evaluate your eyes and check your vision to determine if you have any eye conditions that require treatment.

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