How Dry Eye Syndrome Can Affect Your Daily Life


Our experienced eye doctors are devoted to helping you live your best life through good vision and optimal eye health in Seattle, WA. So, we're happy to offer personalized treatment options for one of the most frustrating conditions, dry eye syndrome.

Eye dryness is prevalent, and everyone may experience the occasional annoyance. Yet, if your dryness persists and begins encroaching on your daily life, dry eye syndrome may be to blame. Fortunately, Dr. Scott Campbell is here to provide personalized treatments, which may involve medicated eye drops, lifestyle modifications, and other clinically backed strategies. To win back your ocular comfort, please reach out to us today to explore your options at SPEX.

What's causing my dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is the result of inadequate or imbalanced tear production. It may be that the body is not producing tears in sufficient quantities. It may also be that the ratio of the tears is off. While it may seem that tears are composed solely of water, they also contain other components. These components include mucus and oil, which serve essential roles by allowing tears to thoroughly lubricate and cover the eyes, as well as to remain on the eyes by resisting evaporation.

The fundamental origin of your dry eye syndrome will dictate the treatment plan, as this condition can have multiple causes, such as certain medications or lifestyle factors. More importantly, dry eye syndrome is typically a manifestation of an underlying condition, such as menopause, thyroid disorder, eye strain, or others. Therefore, formulating an effective solution for this underlying ailment can significantly reduce eye dryness and related unpleasantries.

How does dry eye syndrome affect one's daily life? What are the treatment options?

Healthy tears are essential for overall eye health, and an imbalance or inadequacy can quickly make itself known by causing various symptoms. In addition to its namesake dryness, this disorder can also encompass inflammation of the eyes (possibly severe), excessive watering of the eyes, general discomfort, and even vision-disrupting symptoms like haziness.

As such, it's easy to see how these ill effects can reduce one's capacity for daily tasks, make it hard to focus, or keep one in constant discomfort. But we can combat these ailments with a comprehensive spectrum of therapeutic options, including medicated eye drops, wellness strategies such as lifestyle modifications, and treatments for any potential underlying causes.

Defeat dry eyes with personalized treatment plans in Seattle, WA

The first step to dry eye relief is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott Campbell. Ascertaining the root cause of your condition will allow our experienced ophthalmologists to devise the most effective, personalized treatment plan possible for you. So, don't wait any longer and let dry eye syndrome drain your energy, reduce your daily efficiency, and cause untold discomfort — contact us and schedule a consultation today at SPEX in Seattle.

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