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How Often Should I Get An Eye Exam?

SPEX is your local optometrist for quality eye care ranging from regular eye exams to eye emergencies and pretty much anything in between. If you are looking for a skilled eye doctor in Seattle, contact our team today. If you have not visited an optometrist before or it has been a while since your last checkup, it is a great time to schedule an exam to maintain or improve your vision.

Eye Exams

Your eye health and the rest of your physical well-being are not separate. If your vision is at the level where you do not need contacts or glasses, then we recommend getting an eye exam every two years. If you have any eye health issues or vision impairments, then schedule an appointment right away.

If you wear glasses or contacts, then you will need annual eye exams to renew your prescription. Our optometrist may recommend exams every six months in certain circumstances. If you have an eye disease or condition, your appointments will reflect those needs. Urgent care appointments, of course, do not follow any sort of scheduling guidelines. If you have a foreign object in your eye, a chemical, or experience eye pain, call our office immediately.

Schedule Your Next Eye Exam in Seattle, WA

SPEX provides our community with quality eye care services, including eye exams. Come in to meet our eye doctor to keep your eyes healthy and your prescription up to date. Maintaining regular eye exams will keep you in the prescription lenses that you need for comfortable reading and daily activities. Furthermore, many eye conditions can be treated more effectively if they are caught early. Call our team today to schedule an eye exam with Dr. Campbell.

Eye Exam
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