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What is Vision Like With an Eye Infection


Eye infections cause numerous unpleasant effects, including pain, redness, grittiness, itchiness, and other discomforts. And if not promptly treated, these discomforts can turn into visual impairments, including blurriness or temporary vision loss. However, we offer a full spectrum of treatments to help you enjoy the best results possible. So., don’t hesitate to contact us at SPEX in Seattle, WA to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott Campbell.

Eye infections have various causes and may be mild or serious

Eye infections are a relatively common ocular ailment. About 1 in 300 people suffer an eye infection every year, and these infections cause almost a million trips to the doctor or hospital annually. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi can cause infections, which can be highly communicable and are, therefore, easily passed on to family, friends, or even strangers.

Fortunately, eye infections may be easily treated through numerous means, depending on their source. Eye drops or oral antibiotics commonly yield great results, while cortisone injections could clear swelling and decrease discomfort.

A stubborn stye or chalazion can be removed via laser-based treatments or minimally invasive surgery. Some infections are more serious than others, so if you experience the symptoms below, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is vision like with an eye infection?

Eye infections come in many types, and their symptoms may vary based on their origin and severity. Vision may be unaffected at first. But if these issues are left untreated, temporary vision loss (to various degrees) may occur. Other patients may experience different types of visual impairments, such as blurriness.

Other eye infections may not present any visual impairments and instead primarily cause uncomfortable symptoms such as redness, stinging, or swelling. An infection may also cause a gritty feeling or the sensation that something is stuck in your eye. Itchiness and pain are other common unpleasantries that cause untold frustration for millions of people who develop ocular infections. And though these symptoms may be unpleasant, it’s imperative that you resist the temptation to rub your eyes.

It’s also important that you seek a professional consultation at SPEX in Seattle if you have any concerns or have noticed any of the previous symptoms. Whether or not you experience any changes in your visual capabilities, earlier treatment is generally more effective, simpler, and easier on you.

Plus, prevention could avert a more serious issue down the line, which would require extra time, effort, and hassle to treat. Finally, eye infections can share symptoms with other underlying ocular disorders, and pre-emptive detection is critical so we can increase the chances of you enjoying an optimal outcome.

Treat eye infections in Seattle by contacting us today

Eye infections range from mild to severe and can be infectious. Therefore, it’s essential that you seek timely treatment if you have any concerns, or are experiencing changes to your vision or any of the previously mentioned symptoms. Dr. Scott Campbell and our experienced team are here to offer you compassionate, personalized care so you can quash eye infections and reclaim your daily comfort. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at SPEX in Seattle.

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