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Can I Get Glasses on the Same Day as My Eye Exam?


Your eye health is crucial. An eye exam can spot conditions like glaucoma or cataracts early, help to correct vision problems, and even give insight into your overall health. As a part of this critical process, the quick availability of your prescription eyeglasses post-eye exam is a concern for many, leading to the question: Can you get same-day glasses?

The answer to this is yes, you can get same-day eyeglasses. But note that this depends on several factors, such as the complexity of your prescription, your preferred frames and lenses, and the capabilities of the eye care clinic. The advantages of same-day eyeglasses are evident — you save time, almost immediately enjoy better vision, and bypass any potential shipping issues. At SPEX in Seattle, WA, Dr. Scott Campbell and his eye care team are here to help you find the right fit and look for frames and contact lenses at your convenience.

Same-day glasses vs. the traditional waiting game

The traditional process of waiting for eyeglasses can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the specifics of your prescription and chosen lenses. This period allows the lab to accurately grind your lenses, insert them into your selected frames, and conduct necessary quality control checks to ensure perfect vision.

While this is a tried-and-true process, same-day glasses have streamlined it significantly. With on-site labs and advanced technology, some clinics can prepare your glasses within a few hours, albeit with limitations. For example, complex prescriptions or specialized lenses might still require more time.

Same-day eyewear for most prescriptions

Most clinics order your prescription eyeglasses from a separate lab, which explains the waiting period. At SPEX, we have a large inventory of fashionable frames and numerous types of traditional and specialty contacts available for most prescriptions. During your next eye exam, ask us about getting same-day eyewear and contact lenses so you can leave our office looking stylish and with better vision.

When is same-day service an emergency?

Some situations might warrant same-day glasses, such as an emergency. For instance, if you lose or break your glasses and don't have a spare, or if your prescription changes dramatically, getting new glasses quickly becomes a necessity.

Your preference for lenses and frames can significantly influence whether you can get same-day eyeglasses. Simple, single-vision prescriptions with standard lenses are typically the quickest to produce. However, more complex prescriptions, progressive lenses, or specific lens coatings might need more time. The availability of your chosen frame style also plays a role in this equation.

Is it better to get same-day eyeglasses?

While same-day glasses offer immediate satisfaction and convenience, there may be better choices for some. Your specific needs, prescription, and frame and lens preferences will determine whether same-day glasses are possible and beneficial for you. Regardless of the path you choose, ensuring that you have a thorough and accurate eye exam is the first and most crucial step. And remember, quality eye care and customer service should always be the center of your choice.

Are you ready to see clearly? Contact SPEX in Seattle, WA to schedule your eye exam with Dr. Scott Campbell today and explore our wide range of eyeglass frames and lens options. Whether you need same-day eyeglasses or prefer a broader range of customization, we're here to help you see your world in the best light.

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